Language specification
How it works

Some technical informations about iaa-pascal

This will be Pascal programing language written in Delphi.
At the input of this interpreter user will point a file with instructions written in Pascal.
Interpreter will check the syntax and if it will not have any errors these instructions
will be executed.
We, as a project group, assume that at the begining our interpreter will include:

  • simple types (integer and real),
  • read/write operations,
  • 'for' loop,
  • if statement,
  • arithmetics (*,+,/,-).

Of course this interpreter will be on GPL licence so additional functionalities
can be added in the future by other users,who would like to take part
of improving this software.

It will have simple GUI that even people who aren't specialist at computers
know how to use this interpreter.

It will also have 'editor' where users will be able to type in instructions
that will be interpreted. This editor will enumerate lines and colour the syntax:
key words of Turbo pascal, vars, comments, and texts used in write operation.

We presume that this interpreter can be used in schools in the future to teach
young programmers Turbo Pascal. Because it will include standard instructions
it will help people to understand basic ideas of programming and algorithms.

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